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Important Notice: We are moving location on Monday 12th of February 2018

New Address:-
2 rue de la Liberation
L - 8031 Strassen

From the busy professional to the stay at home mum to getting ready for your next sporting event has the right training for you

*** NEW ***

Functional Movement Systems Certified

Through certification, all clients can now benefit from the same testing protocol that Premier league foootball players and professional athletes are measured with. For more info go to the FMS website.

GoOut GetFit: Check it out

Tired of the gym and the same old routines - then Go Out Get Fit with its out‑door focus might be just right for you!

Get yourself back into the BEST shape of your life.

The Studio

Your training takes place in the privacy of GetFit's coaching studio in Strassen. All sessions are one on one by appointment.

Take A Look At The Studio

Tired of the Gym?

Is the music too loud in your group classes? Keen to try something different? This season you’re invited to join in the fun when we Go Out Get Fit. No more smelly change rooms or boring gym settings, all training takes place in the beautiful Bambesch forest.

Go Out Get Fit

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