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Dehydration and Fat Gain!

It’s incredible important to get enough WATER into you. Most people are severely dehydrated without even knowing it. The body is made up of about 65 % water and even with a slight dehydration the body can’t function normally. It regulates temperature, removes wastes, transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells, cushions the joints and provides protection for the body’s tissues. Also if you find yourself irritated or tired, blame dehydration AND if you are dehydrated your body Can’t BURN FAT!

So how much should you drink? Well, this depends on how big you are. We recommend 1 L pure water for every 22 KG body weight. So if you are 65 kg, you should drink 3 L every day without fail and 1extra L if you are training hard. This is only WATER now. Caffeine free herbal teas are included in this amount but apart from that it’s Water, Water, Water! Let’s Start drinking :)