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GetFit believes in Clean, Nutritious and Real food. Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated nor full of substances that our bodies can’t metabolize. We don’t believe in starvation, counting calories or weighing. Nutrition shouldn’t come in Shakes and Diet Pills either.

But we do believe in CUTTING THE CRAP!


Foods to Cut Out of your Diet

  • Caffeine – coffee, tea and anything else containing caffeine

  • Refined Sugar – chocolate, sweets, cookies, fruit juices, jams, breakfast cereals – yes even the Kellogs K and Weetabix!! etc
  • Alcohol – you know it’s bad for you BUT did you know that even just a couple of glasses of wine will halt your metabolism for up to 3 days after!!! Goodbye body fat and Bonjour Beer Belly!
  • Processed “food” – well do I need to say it? Anything that has been tampered with is processed, like bread, pasta, dairy products like cheese and even milk

By cutting out certain ‘foods’, we give the body a chance to get rid of things that most people are intolerant to (gluten and lactose). Cut these things out for 30 days and then start introducing them again slowly and one by one and see what happens. If you get a reaction like bloating, tummy aches, diarrhea or constipation then you know if you can tolerate it or not. But the big thing is to rid the body from harmful toxins. The more toxins we have in the body the more fat the body will hold onto because anything that the body doesn’t need or know what to do with, it will convert into fat.

When the toxins are eliminated, your body can finally start the job of burning the fat instead. This is what you want right!