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Goal Achievement Strategy

The most common time to readdress your goals is usually the start of a new year. We all have better intentions, get fitter, save money, travel more, or pursue that better career. What happens normally is without action, these new year’s resolution are all but empty ideas. Another year rolls by without any positive change.

By writing down your goals, you’re making a commitment to the areas of your life that you would like most to change. All successful endeavours need to have an action plan with steps laid out for you.

Take some time now to go through this goal achievement strategy, and together let’s turn these goals into reality.

The range of goals you write down are unlimited, though we would like you to be more specific with your fitness goals. Whether it is to fit into your favourite pair of jeans again, complete 20 push ups, or return to your favourite sport, the more specific the better. Write below your most important goals.

My most important goals are…






We mentioned the importance of planning, below write down the action steps you need to take to move closer to your goals.

The steps I need to take are…






Next return to your list of goals and beside each one, write down when you would like to achieve them by. Placing an end date on your goal gives it direction, kick starting your momentum to get into action.

All achievements earned are only possible through sacrifice and discipline. Below write the applicable sacrifices you’re willing to make to fulfil your goals.

Things I’m willing to give up…




Last but certainly not least, WHY are these goals important to you? BY including your emotional reasons to fulfilling these goals, it creates real drive and purpose to attain them. Write below all emotional reasons WHY.

Why are these goals important to me…




That’s the hard part done. Let’s review the steps.

  • You have identified the most important goals in your life
  • Written out the action steps to achieve them
  • Established a time line in which to complete them
  • Analysed the sacrifices that will be necessary
  • Identified the emotional reasons for your goals


Putting it all together

Writing down your goals and following the steps outlined here is already a great start. To bring it to life, action now needs to happen.

  • Discuss your goals with your friends and family, they can offer support and by telling them, it confirms the importance of your goals.
  • Go through your action steps, starting at step 1 and get the ball rolling.
  • Display your goals in an area where you will see them daily to remind you of the path you are now walking

Fulfilling your goals, brings a real sense of achievement and satisfaction in your life. Go ahead now and discover for yourself!