Are You a Mummy who…

doesn’t know where to start exercising after having a baby?
finds it hard to fit exercise into your daily routine after having a baby?
is looking for the body you had before you got pregnant?
finds it hard to get your nutrition right?
is dying to do something with other mothers and babies?

Well, this is how I felt after my first baby and my second baby. So after my third baby I decided to something about that and this is when Bring Your Baby Boot Camp was born in 2010.

So what is Bring Your Baby Boot Camp all about?

This is the Program where Babysitting will never be a problem

Your baby will come with you. All you need is a good pushchair that can take a stroll in the beautiful forest of Bambesch.

  • This is the Program that helps Mummies get back on track and in to those jeans you thought you would never wear again but not only that we work on mobility and stretches to ease pains in tight areas like the neck, shoulders and lower back. We work on strengthening your pelvic floor and core as these are under a lot of pressure during pregnancy and when giving birth. We do full body movements which are functional and use as many muscles as possible to boost the metabolism and keep you injury free.
  • This is the the Program where you get help to ease exercise into your life again after having a baby, from a certified Personal Trainer with 3 kids of her own.
  • This is 4 Week Program that gathers a group of Mummies and their babies 2 times a week for 45 minutes in the forest for some fresh breathing, exercising, stretching and nutritional advice and probably a little chit-chat.

What some of the previous Mummies think of Bring Your Baby Boot Camp:

“I loved the Boot Camp – for me the excercise part was the added bonus. Jess always has smile what ever the weather, the exercises were tailored for any level and most importantly Jess always ensured you were doing it correctly. The added extras were great – the nutritional tips, exercise at home plans, each session was completely different and it was a good excuse to get out in the crisp autumn sun. My one worry when I joined the group was that my baby boy would embarrass mommy but 10 mins into the first session there was a chorus of babies singing and giggling looking on at all the silly mommies. If he did act up I could pick him up and carry on with the exercises or use him as an excuse to step out of the exercises :) . It was always after the sessions that I felt even better – meeting some other mommies is always nice and the day after I usually had a light muscle ache. My baby slept better also. I can’t think of any negatives” M-A

“I started Baby Boot Camp with Jess around 5 months after giving birth and it has helped me tremendously to getting my body back into shape. I definitely felt much stronger and able to take care of my son better. The exercises are specifically tailored for new mom’s and they target those major problem areas all women have after giving birth. Trust me, you’ll have fun and you get to get out of your house with your baby to sweat, socialize and share a little of your life with other women going through the same!” Suzy Kong

For more information contact Jess by emailing