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Success Stories

See what our customers from previous trips enjoyed about Get Fit Get Aways…

Get fit, Get away to Majorca is simply a must try Body & Mind experience! Jessica designed and conducted a fantastic 4 day fitness wellness program that combines perfectly fitness workout, swimming, relaxation and breathing techniques, fitness site seeing, full body massage and many other unexpected surprises. Her creativity has no limit! and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

To be honest I don’t know what I liked most if not just everything! The 4 stars hotel located on the sea, the fabulous workout session bare feet on the beach, the sunset-at-the-pool exercises, the fantastic trek in the mountains, and I’m not talking about the Spanish food or meals taken on terrace…and all the rest…

All I can say is that feel an inner and outer well being. I’m definitely ready and reloaded to go through the winter full speed! See you next year!!

Hotel Bonanza Playa is a great hotel, beautiful location with a nice pool and access to the sea with great food, nice rooms and fitness. The beach work-out was my first time to get to know the intensity of your work-outs. It was hard but not to much. I loved it and as it was on the beach I loved it even more. I really enjoyed the pool work-out, first time as well! Again very intense and so refreshing! Felt like new once we finished. I also enjoyed the relaxing techniques, I’m still working on it to get it right! The Paella-Lunch on the beach was just delicious and the massage afterwards is the best one I ever had (I’m serious!!), fantastic!

Conclusion: Great trip, great intense diversified program, great group of people, great location. I’ll do it all over again tomorrow and I hereby confirm signing up for next year! Thanks Jessica for this wonderful experience, you’re cool!

Training with a mix of sea, beach, pool and poolside means that the training can be ranged in many different ways and you made a very good program for us. Thanks for 4 lovely Get Fit days on Mallorca.