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Are you a Woman feeling trapped in your every day routine?

Do you feel like time is flying by without you having the chance to enjoy your family and the simple pleasures of life?

Do you feel stressed, lack of energy and constantly pleasing others?

You might wake up every morning to being a mother, nurse, cook, chauffeur, house-keeper, organizer, wife, emotional care giver and supporter.

Or you might wake up to your Black berry reminding you about your 10 deadlines, lunch meetings, evening cocktails with business clients, conference calls and a full business travel agenda.

Or you might even wake up to both?

But what happened to you?

Somewhere along the road you lost yourself, your ambitions and goals. Only leaving time to take care of others, You, became less of a priority.

With the everyday stress we, ourselves and society put us through we often forget to stop, breathe and listen to our bodies. Not only is it the stress of deadlines and keeping with the schedule, we make it even worse by feeding our bodies toxins and poisons.

Through bad choice of nutrition and the stress of being Super Women our hormones will play havoc and disturb the chemical balance in our bodies. This constant burning of the candle from both ends will eventually lead to Burn out and What good will we be to anybody then?

It is time to change this and to do something for YOU!

We have planned out 3 amazing days where YOU will now be Top Priority.

Set on the beautiful island of Mallorca this 3-day Body and Mind Package will start your journey of Self Discovery.

  • Start the day with fat burning, sweaty but fun Beach Workouts to induce the Happy Hormone Endorphin and to sweat out toxins.
  • Eat and drink to nurture your body.
  • Imagine your self Hiking along the Breath taking coastline of Majorca. Nothing but beautiful views and the silence and a nice stop for some freshly squeezed orange juice, as fresh as it gets.
  • Enjoy an exclusive Boat tour to discover un-spoilt beaches
  • Learn simple massage techniques to keep you relaxed and injury free
  • Mentally unwind through easy to follow Yoga, Meditation and Breathing exercises
  • Also bring back a taste of the local Cuisine by learning how to cook a traditional Spanish dish.

Our comprehensive package includes everything from the Airport transfer to luxury hotel, fantastic food, all fitness classes, activities and workshops. (Air fare NOT included and it is your responsibility to organize)

It is catered for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.