Personal Training when Quality’s Important

Any instructor can get you working hard, motivating you to lift a heavier weight through shouting or high energy music. Although it’s clear that hard work leads to good results, what price will you pay? Pushing you too hard, too soon can lead to injuries preventing you from ongoing exercise.

I have a very different approach as your fitness coach. The intensity is only increased once I see that you are physically capable of handling more load. The body must be balanced, working effectively with right technique to ensure safe training.

It’s important to assess all aspects of your life to get the greatest benefit from a training program. This includes sleep quality, current stress levels, nutrition and previous exercise history. To fast track your results, I work with the most effective training protocols. This means training the whole body through compound exercises, focusing on better movement patterns. These are functional exercises that are designed to increase overall strength, improving your ability to handle everyday activities.

All exercise programs are completed in the privacy of GetFit’s professional training studio in Strassen. This is unique in Luxembourg with the whole training facility setup solely for clients.

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