Brad Mole – Coach and Personal Trainer

My experience in the health and fitness industry has ranged from designing exercise programs  for soldiers in the military, to the “softer” side of sports massage. I continue to work with clients through massage, though I expanded my view to see exercise as another form of therapy.

My background enables me to work successfully with clients who may of had some previous injuries or special conditions. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise and through targeted exercise programs, I will help you achieve this.

My educational journey started in my native country Australia. I  believe in continued learning through courses and studies from some of the best trainers in the U.S and  U.K.

I expect 100% commitment from the start and work with clients from morning through to evening.


Here’s some feedback from a few of my clients…..

My main objective was in January to find a good balance in my life between job, rest, hobbies, food…I was living everything in an excessive manner including food and sport. And the result was I could not control my weight properly and I could not rest enough. 4 months later, I have found a better behaviour with food thanks to the nutritional responsability and beacause I manage my stress in a better way. I am feeling stronger, fitter and more in peace with my body. I have a better posture and I know exactly my physical strength and weaknesses. Brad was a constant support during the programme. He was always trying to find a way to challenge me and to propose tailor-made exercises. He is highly committed and motivated as well as really flexible with the agenda . I strongly recommand the programme with him but only if you are ready to committ yourself 200%!!! You can do it even if you have a very busy work or family duties and the benefits are deeper than an athletic body shape. - Magali

It has been a very positive experience for several reasons. I have realised how little I was using my muscles before I started training. Now that I have started using my muscles, I’ve seen a real difference in my strength levels and my stamina has improved. I always feel invigorated after a training session (and sometimes tired!). I am inspired to continue doing physical exercise of this kind. - Rachel S.

Enjoying the training, and like that fact that you push me, but at the same time ‘feel’ what is the right level. What is important to me is also that it is ‘personal’ and friendly, and you make me feel ‘at home’. I also like that fact that you are very encouraging, which I think is very important. maybe the most important of all. - Helen